Changing automotive tastes

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I have changed my taste regarding some cars. Back in 1968 when I owned my 1960 Fiat 1100 103D with suicide front doors and column shift, I thought it was superior to a 1961 40-horsepower Beetle. Now, I would have the VW by preference, so superbly built, such character, and what a great gearchange! In the 1970s I owned a Renault 16TS and later a Fiat 125, preferring the Fiat. But now the 125 just seems like a dated update of the 1500 Mark III (albeit with twin-cam power), while the TS seems like a perfect original (complete with by then quirky column shift!). It was huge news for the local industry when Holden launched the Commodore and Ford Oz followed with the XD. In the day I would have chosen a VB Commodore SL/E 5.0-litre over an XD Fairmont Ghia 351. Not now. Even more of a change has been my taste in big Jags and Bimmers. Picking between an XJ6 and a New Six 2800, I wouldn't give the XJ a second look, despite its superior beauty. (Just look at the BMW 2800's gorgeous wheel and gear knob: the Ultimate Driving Machine, indeed! BMW once occupied its own niche but not now.) Have other club members found their opinions changing with the years?
3 months ago