Careful who you give a lift to.

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My son asked me to go & listen to his Ford Ranger 4x4 last night. It was making a mild thumping noise, that you could feel from under the dash. It stopped when he turned the air con off, but started when ever the ventilation fan was running.

He decided it was either a mouse, rat or snake that had got into the ventilation system. Not wanting a snake to join him in the car, he borrowed my shopping trolley, leaving the Ranger in a car port for the night.

Today in moderate trepidation, in case he was about to have a meeting with an angry snake, he dropped the ventilation fan & motor & found his passenger, a rather deadly 1.2m eastern brown, coiled up in the drum fan. Well most of it was there, the head & about 10mm was spread around the housing. It must have been sticking out of the fan when he turned it on, & was ground away by the housing.

At least that made the thing less deadly, but the clean up has been quite an effort.

Don't tell anyone, or the greenies will be complaining he didn't rescue it. I was thinking perhaps it would be safer in suburbia, then remembered a rash of snakes in suburban barbeques, wardrobes & toy box stories on TV. I guess that's why greenies live in high rise apartments, to avoid the consequences of the protection of dangerous species they have pushed for.
5 months ago