Targa Tasmania.

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After performing a forum search and finding little - to nothing regarding Targa Tasmania, or any tarmac rally at all, I thought I would make a post here, especially considering that Shannons are the major sponsor for the classics categories, and it is after all, the ultimate tarmac rally!
I have entered my E48 6 pack (matching numbers) Charger a few times and we are going back for another crack at the Targa Plate, one more time (probably the last) this April. The Charger is a full registration road car, (fully insured by Shannons of course) as we run a removable bolted in cage... We have been prepping for months and have almost finished an engine freshen up (which I do myself) and hope to be fitting it back in the car this weekend so we can squeeze in a few track days before April, which is definitely coming up way to quickly!
Are there any other Targa Tasmania competitors, crews, or enthusiasts here? Would love to see some cars, and hear their stories!
1 year ago