Bathurst 12 Hour

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I'm surprised that no one has posted about the 12 hour since its running. I was again fortunate to go with a half doz others where we all throw in for the campsite and share fuel costs. There is something about the 12 hour ... the air is different or something and being up at 5.30 for the start in the dark is something again. Its good to see the international teams and drivers competing and an almost full field this year (for the start anyway). The class structures are confusing but it is good to have a large field with some speed differential. speaking of which was a contributing factor in the Chas Mostert incident and again in the big accident that ended the race prematurely, I think the Mostert incident and the Van Giz incident last years demonstrates a shortcoming in the racecraft of our 'Supercar' drivers. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Thoughts anyone.
1 year ago