I doubt that wrong tint was installed in the car, what’s your view?

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Wrong tint installed in the car
Hello, i need some pieces of advise. Today night, as i chatted with my wife, she told me something about our new ride. She went to a car washed station for washing her switchblade silver. It happens that a retired marine colonel was there for washing his 2015 Fortuner (both cars are standing side by side).

The Colonel relayed his concern about the color of the tint. He said that the tint color all around is too light. There could be a safety issue since the person setting inside is easily visible from the sides. Because of that conversation, we realized that there was something wrong with the tint. Unfortunately, I am here overseas when the unit was delivered in my home at around 9PM. Tor sure, there is a human mistake at the time of installation.

Now, here is my concern. Can I request the dealership to replace my tint since we have requested the full dark at the sides. Secondly, the tint that was installed has no 3M mark. So, I believed that the tint they (dealership) installed is not 3M.

Just a sort of comparison. I attached a photo of my TBZ and old Ford Explorer.
1 year ago