1 of a kind Toyota Arakawa Coaster for sale Last on in OZ

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I am in Adelaide looking to sell my recently restored Toyota Arakawa Coaster. I just had a new (new to this vehicle) R3 motor put in. The front end is being redone to remover the rust. I am quite sure out of the small batch that was brought to Australia in the late 1960's that this is the last one still going.

I have owned the bus since 1999 when I bought it off a Sunday school in Bankstown, NSW. The bus has been converted into a campervan with all retro appliances and furniture.

Please contact me for more recent photos if you are interested. These photos I have posted here are from before the work started.

We had the back window replaced a few years back and since then have not been able to find any other "original" parts. I am pretty sure this is the last one in OZ.

The Toyota company bought one a few years back and took it to Japan where they restored it. That one currently lives in their show room.
2 months ago