'W' series racing

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So.... now there is a series of racing banning men from participating in.... (which to me is extremely sexist) .... is it safe to assume that we can now also have a racing series (say... 'M' series) where women are banned from competing?

Or, is it only sexist if women are not allowed to participate in something that men compete in.... and men can be ruled out of something for women only and that is ok?

Why not just have ALL racing open to ALL 53 gender options? I dont understand why racing isn't open to all these days? I bet Sabine Schmitz (Queen of the nordschleife) could equal or beat 90% of guys on any given track? There is probably alot of women as capable as Sabine, lets attract them into $illycabs and other racing?


Look at Danika Patrick... she often beats the boys.... Why not just let any gender race in any race series? Suzy Wolff did some F yawn testing, why was she not considered for a seat at formula yawn? Maybe she would be better than some of the guys in some seats?

I dont know about others, but it is becoming annoying that there can be women only gyms, womens leagues in everything from cricket to league, .... I find it very sexist.... I think, in this day and age, there should be no bias to any gender, in sports/work/politics.... in all, the 'right person (without bias) for the seat/job' should get the job....

your thoughts?
2 months ago