Thefts of modern cars?

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Nearly every night on the news, we hear of stolen cars, SUV's and utes....back in the 80's, one could take off the plastics on the steering column of most vehicles, tap the screws out of the ignition to get it off the column, then hot wire the ignition or just remove the switch off the ignition and turn the core of the switch and you were off.... but mid 90's when cars were getting 'body modules' and inbuilt security systems with remote key security, it became much more difficult (nearly impossible) to get a car going without a key (fob) Don't modern vehicles have alarms? I have heard of people being locked out of their modern, connected vehicle, phoning their makes 'help service' and they can remotely 'unlock and start' the vehicle.... surely they could also shut the vehicle down and find its location remotely if the owner of the vehicle phones them?

So, how are all of these vehicles getting stolen? Do the crooks have learning remotes and capture peoples remote signal as it is pressed by the owner? Do they get the vin number and convince dealerships that they lost their key and need a new one? Do they break into homes to find the keys for the car out front?

I remember the hassle of getting a new key for my VS Commode station wagon a few years back.....the key fob worked, but the light was dim and I had to hold the remote under the dash for it to work... the button rubbers were gone and it was held together with tape.... so, I had to go to a Holden dealer.... bend over and assume the position and pay $240 for ONE new key fob.... otherwise there was no way to get the car to run.

So, with the modern computerised vehicles.... the thing must be near impossible to get running without the appropriate fob/key/proximity device.... so thieves must have some serious duplicating hardware .... or, they break into houses to steal keys.

Does anyone have any idea? Anyone have any ideas to fight the issue? I know if I had a steal worthy modern vehicle... I would go to a wrecker or scrappy and buy a key (set with other keys) that looks like the keys required for the expensive car out front and leave these bogus keys near the door a thief might enter to steal keys. Naturally, they would be connected to a cow bell or something with some fishing line or wire.... so snatching the keys means the bell falls on the floor.... and definitely dont leave the real keys on the kitchen table (nor the wallet)

I am just amazed how nearly every night on the news, there has been a police chase involving a stolen vehicle... yes, some are car jacked.... and last week a guy realised his ute was rolling out of the driveway in Brisbane... he was just getting out of the shower wearing only a towel... he jumped on the back of his ute hard cover (wearing only a towel) and the thief tried everything to throw him off .... everything from swerving, doing 140kph on the freeway, slamming on brakes, accelerating hard and throwing things out of the drivers window at him in the back....on top of the hard cover... just wearing a towel...

After half an hour, a white car came up behind, he thought he was saved by a good Samaritan, however, the thief had called a carload of friends to make sure the passenger was 'removed' (towel and all)

It did turn out, he had washed the ute, then went in for a shower, leaving the keys in the ignition.

I guess part of the motive for this thread is to remind people not to leave keys and bags near (unlocked) back doors at home.... never leave keys in the ignition, if you have to answer the phone or make a call... take the keys and lock it, even if you are only away from your vehicle for 30 seconds.

Maybe those steering wheel locks (the Club) should make a comeback? I haven't seen one of them for years? What are your thoughts?
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