Rare Holden Commodore Value

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Hello All,
I currently have a 2001 Holden Commodore VX Executive station wagon which was a factory ordered 6 speed manual transmission, along with a LS1 Gen 3 V8 engine.
This combination was only available in 2 models (VT2 and VX1) and was only very few of these made in Australia and New Zealand.
The SS Wagon with Manual transmission was not introduce until the VY1 but after a production of mid 2003.
My Wagon was bought off the original owner, has a mere 178,000km with original service booklet and drives very tightly.
It has one or 2 dings on the body and glimpses of small exterior spot rust but overall is in near immaculate condition for it's age.
I am thinking of selling this vehicle and was just wanting some ideas on what it might be worth after being such a rare production vehicle, the end of the Holden era in Australia and also with the new model Commodore being a FLOP plus having 'NO' V8 option in any model or, where the best place to try and s ell may be.
Any ideas??
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
2 months ago