Michael Schumacher... why the silence?

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Just wondering if anyone else wonders why the silence and lack of any news there is om Michael's condition? I cant help but wonder if, even tho he spoke and laughed with 'rescuers' after his skiing accident, then he was 'put into a coma' and we have heard no news at all since... is there some possibility that those who put him into the coma, can't get him back out of it?

I just dont see the sense in having all these years of total news blackout by his family? I was never a great 'Fan' of Schumachers, but I would like to know how he is doing? Is he still in the coma? Is he alive? Is he progressing?

I also wonder why he is never mentioned by commentators of F1 ... there is no mention of him, ever? It is almost like he never existed? When F1 commentators mention that someone has broken a record by Schumacher, they never say "and we wish Michael well' or anything along those lines.... nothing, just nothing is ever mentioned?

Is it taboo to know anything about Schumacher? It all seems very suspicious to me... for someone so famous and well liked, to be supposedly alive, but to be totally hidden and almost forgotten.... even tho he probably has/had millions of fans worldwide?

I cant see how total silence and 100% news blackout can be beneficial to Michael?

I for one wish him well.. it would be good to find out how he is getting on, hopefully one day we may hear from him himself?
9 months ago