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Creating a account

I'm having trouble creating a Membership.

1: Creating your username.

  • - Every Shannons Club username must be unique. Try using numbers, or initials, or a first name-last name combination to create a unique username.
  • - Your username must be at least 5 characters long, and can't be longer than 20 characters.

2: Choosing your password.

  • - Your password must be at least 5 characters long.

3: Entering your email address

  • - Each email address can only be used for one Shannons Club account. If you already have an account on Shannons Club, create your new account with a new email address.

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Who can create a Car Club Listing?

Anyone with a Shannons Club account can create a Car Club Listing.
You must simply be logged into your Shannons Club account with the username and password registered. Head to the Car Club page and select the 'Create a Car Club' link at the top of the page to reveal a form with the details required to submit and manage your club listing.

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