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Managing your membership

My email address has changed - What do I do?

To change your contact setting for your account, Login into Shannons Club and select the Account Settings menu.

You must ensure you "Save" these settings before moving on from the Account Settings Page.

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I tried to change my email address, but I never received the confirmation email.

Check your junk/spam mailbox to see if the confirmation email ended up in there. If not, send us an email with your username and we'll confirm your email address for you. Be sure to send the email from the address associated with your Shannons Club account.

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How do I manage and edit car club details?

To manage and edit details of your car club you must be assigned as the administrator. On creating a Car Club with your Shannons Club account you will automatically become the administrator and have access to edit and add content to your club. As the administrator these functions are only visible to you.

If you have an existing car club listing and would like to become the administrator of this club please click on the 'still need help?' link below. Provide your Shannons Club username and email in the Contact Us form and we will ensure your Shannons Club account is linked as the administrator.

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How do I add my Business to the Directory?

Good news, it's very straight forward. Visit the Directory page, and click on Register your business. Follow the step by step instructions to list your business for free.

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Why can't I register a business account with my email address?

You will not be able to register a 'Business Only Account' with an email address, which is already linked to a Shannons Club Account.

If your email address is registered as a existing Shannons Club Member Account, you have the option to register your business directory using this 'Existing Shannons Club Account' in Step 1.

Or you can register your business with a different email address that can be used solely for your 'Business Only Account'. Note: only the one email address can be registered with a 'Business Only Account'.

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