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Inviting people to Shannons Club/Clubs

Why can't I see all my contacts in the list for Hotmail?

Unfortunately, due to the limitations of Microsofts Live API, not all Hotmail contacts may be visible in your list when Inviting a Friend. If you know their email please use the Invite A Friend by Email function.

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How do I invite friends to the Shannons Club?

You can invite friends to join the Shannons Club, by selecting "Invite Friends" from your profile menu when logged into the Shannons Club. This page will allow you to connect and import contacts from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Yahoo. Simply select an option and follow the prompts to select and send your friends a message to join the Shannons Club. You can also use the email panel to send an individual message without connecting and importing any existing contacts.

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How do I invite Shannons Club members/connections to join my club?

In order to invite Shannons Club members to join your Car Club, you must connect with other enthusiasts. All Shannons Club members are located within the Enthusiasts section of the site. However to connect with an enthusiast a request can be sent by hovering over any profile picture on the site and selecting the 'Connect with Enthusiast' button. Once the request has been approved by the individual Shannons Club member they will appear as a Connection within your profile.

Once you have made some connections these members will appear in a pop-up menu when you click the 'invite connections' button on your car club listing. You can then select the individuals from this list and an invitation will be sent to join your Car Club.

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