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Aussie Moto Content Creators

27 August 2022
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For 2022 we head to Fuel @ East Lynn on Sat 27 August .
Each year a different motorcycle friendly venue.
Objective of event:
1) Aussie Moto content creators to meet up and swap tips etc. FREE EVENT
2) Content Creators meet their followers and subscribers in the flesh, and they get to meet and discover new creators.
3) A chance to spread some comaraderie for all the moto community.
4) Relaxed and informal... no politics, no religion, no agendas. Simply, support and sharing
of a mutual passion. These events are charity free.
5) All welcome... regardless of what you ride or drive. 



Got a question; if it's not here.. reach out.. I'll have an answer

# What is this about:

A group of us content creators decided we would like to meet each other in the flesh and swap tips etc.. We chose a date and thought why not use this opprtunity to also meet our followers, subscribers etc. The locations we chose will differ each years as it's also a chance to support a business who is very supportive of the motorbike community and who ( like many others) have done it tough. So before we knew it.. we had a date, a venue ( Grey Gums cafe Putty Road was our first ) and what has now become an annual event.  Plenty of countries around the world have these meet ups.. so let's bring it to Australia! 

# How much to register:

NOTHING…  keeping it simple and easy.. keen to keep it as a great catch up and relatively easy. Plus with the world still a bit unknown.. cancelling paid events etc is tricky and a punish to admin.

# So why are you ( Chris keeble) the main person doing it

Well simply because it's what i do, Im a producer.. I confer and chat with all the content creators interested in this event. I seek their input and they get regular updated emails. We also have a chat group.. It's just easier that someone takes the lead. If this gets big etc maybe a committee is formed or we take it in turns to event manage them.

# Who can come:

All are welcome. Social groups, Clubs, Individuals, Any vehicle etc..The more the merrier and also great for the venue. 

# What’s happening on the day:…

It was clear from the first event held at Grey Gums on Sat 4 December, it's all about catching up, chatting, networking.. so  that's it.. it's a great vibe and atmosphere 

Anyone can set up in a smallish non complicated manner and promote their socials, clubs or business, eg Relevant  publications, products and services. A great opportunity to promote your related business to the community.…Simply arrive by 10.00am and find a spot with your bikes(s) to show case and any matreial you have. Breakfast, lunch and snacks can be purchased along with drinks , they have a grog licence.!!

! Please do not bring your own food and drinks. the idea is to support the venue.

For content creators the idea is to encourage followers to come and meet you in the flesh and also for followers to meet new content creators.. a win win for all.. if you have merch by all means bring it and sell.. The venue may put on a band or some entertainment .. still being discussed. The entertainment in the main will be the people there !

# How will i know who is a content creator and who isn't.

Content creators will have a fluro armband or Lanyard on the day, so easily recognised..

# I'm a social group, club, relevant business..can i set up on the day to promote etc or even sell some stuff.

Email me at and we can chat. We would love all relevant groups, clubs and business to promote their wares. It will help add to the atmosphere. We just ask you to not bring or sell food or drink as the cafe will look after all of that. Im happy to add your name/logo etc to the promotion of the day and on this website.


# Camping info

If you plan to camp.. be aware there are no power sites and phone reception can be a challange !. There are toilets and showers open during the day/night. If you plan to camp you need to let me know so the venue can plan. Register here .


# What about weather? ; 

If the forecast is bad 48 hours’ notice will be given. This will save the venue from defrosting foods. Outdoor events are always risky…pain in the arse … and another reason to keep things very simple .


# What about Covid:

F&%K Covid.... Hopefully by 2022 it will be mostly a bad memory .. updates will be posted if things turn to shit 


  • Keep spreading the word to your followers or any social groups to come out for the day

  • Please encourage people and groups etc to email me.. be handy to get an idea who is attending during the day also.. so at least the café can also prepare for numbers.



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Just some of those attending... More to be added