1988 Ford Mustang ASC McLaren

1988 Ford Mustang ASC McLaren

Vehicle Specs

  • Engine:5 litre V8 Injected
  • Transmission:Auto 3 speed + overdrive (4th)
  • Body Style:Convertible
  • Trim:Blue Leather & Cloth
  • Colour:White


This is my brother's car, it is a great little performer, though the soft-top is a pain in the a*** to put up or down in a hurry. Plenty of grunt, (5 litre injected V8) & handles very well.
Has been trouble free except for very minor items. It is a limited edition model, the design changes from 'normal' '88 Mustang include lowering, sharper rake on windscreen and the ASC McLaren stamping on rear.


Stock standard, better quality fuel pump fitted, otherwise factory.