1967 Ford Mustang Coupe

1967 Ford Mustang Coupe

Vehicle Specs

  • Engine:289 cu. in. V8
  • Transmission:C4 (3-speed ~ T-Bar)
  • Trim:Black (original design)
  • Colour:Clearwater Aqua


Purchased as a shell with motor and trans from a company who was to restore the car to roadworthy condition. They ripped me off and fitted faulty components during the restoration, the car was in a sad state with damaged motor, worn out carby, noisy diff, worn steering box, wrong radiator, rusty fuel tank, Hand brake not working, and split brake drums. However I met an excellent mechanic who races Mustangs. He has the Stang running sweet, with a better engine and all the correct parts fitted. It is not a show car (far from it) but a daily driver with some 'battle scars', and looks better in the photo than in the flesh,
however it is a sweet ride and real American iron.


Extractors, new differential with 3.25:1 ratio, new steering box, new brake drums
(on rear) MSD ignition, 9mm plug leads, BP4FS plugs, new fuel tank, New radiator, Completely reconditioned C4 Transmission, (Stock) New Holley 600 Carb with Auto Choke and Vacuum secondaries. 6-blade fan, Celica Central handbrake. (as opposed to the feeble inefficient under-dash item)
New leaf and coil Springs reset to give neutral stance. Original size wheels
14" by 7", with Old School "Turbine" style mags. All these mods were intended to make the Pony car safe, efficient and reliable. The performance is adequate, as only my dry-cleaner and I know.......