1959 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Holiday Scenicoupe

1959 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Holiday Scenicoupe

Vehicle Specs

  • Engine:394 Rocket
  • Transmission:4 Speed Jet-Away (Hydra matic)
  • Body Style:Coupe
  • Trim:Combination cloth and leather.
  • Colour:White


Not alot is known, she has outlived her manufacturer,dealer and owners.
Born in Kansas in Nov 1958 and delivered to Newell Motor sales in Illinois is as good as the info gets.
The original owner must have cashed up , the 98 was Olds top liner for the year, listing at $4086. By the the time the orginal owner was through ticking boxes this one came in at a hefty $5177, just more than a Series 62 caddy.
The 98 was based on GM's 'C' body which was shared with Cadillac, Pontiacs Bonneville,Buick's Electra, and thankfully shares a lot of parts.
The previous owner Imported this 98 into Australia in 2004, after buying it from a dealer in Georgia.


This car is largely stock with the only modifications being the audio and modifying the factory AC to work with R134 gas.