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Victorian State Championship Race Report - Round 1 KA3 Junior

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Published on 08 June 2018

Race Report

Victorian State Championship Round 1 – Geelong - KA3 Junior.

The State championship is only a 2 round series, which means points are like gold.

Qualifying; This was going to be hit or miss as Emerson just switched into a new full size kart and had only done a handful of laps in it. After a few laps it seemed the Shannons back driver was pretty happy with the new kart, there seemed to be 3 drivers going for the pole. When the flag dropped at the end of qualifying Emerson was 3rd by the smallest of margins, .118 of a second.  

Heat 1; A great start saw the top 3 move off into their own battle, Emerson was running a comfortable 3rd for the whole race & setting the fastest lap. Emerson crossed the line in third but the winner was given a 10sec penalty for not taking his place quick enough in the form up laps, we’ll take that.

Heat 2; The race pace was slightly slower in this heat, however the top 3 again moved away from the chasing pack. The Shannons backed driver continued to put in some solid laps coming home in 3rd.

Heat 3; The start was pretty hectic and a few drivers behind Emerson came together running into the front pack, Emerson was off the track & back to 12th. Eventually he gathered it all up moving up a few positions to bring it home in 7th. 

Heat 4; It was pretty much back to the top 3 from qualifying out front again for the 15 laps. Emerson drove really well to bring the kart home 3rd, but we needed to tune it up for the final to catch the top 2.

Final; Started out of P3, Emerson was looking forward to close racing like it had been all day, unfortunately this wasn’t to happen - a driver from about 3 rows back took out the first 2 rows & started a massive pile up. When the dust settled Emerson somehow emerged in 7th, only to be smashed off the track 2 corners later by some very substandard driving. Game over. 

The Championship moves on to Emerson’s home track in Port Melbourne, he is 6th in the championship.