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City Of Melbourne Titles 2018

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Published on 13 August 2018

City of Melbourne Titles 2018

Qualifying The mistake all Dads dread, leaving the timing transponder off the go Kart, which means no time in qualifying. Not a great start to the weekend when Emerson would have started 6th, but no transponder meant starting 25th.

Heats 1;Starting last is always a challenge in any form of motorsport, karting is no different, and Emerson did a great job moving up to 11th.

Heat 2; This time Emerson had the bit between his teeth, passing kart after kart moving from last to 6th in just 10 laps, awesome drive.

Heat 3;Things were on the up, 2 great results saw Emerson starting 8th for heat 3, on lap 3 as he had just moved into position 4, the driver behind hit him off the track, the driver received a penalty but that didn’t really help Emerson and what would have been a strong finish.  

Heat 4; Starting in 15th, which was not ideal, Emerson would have to work really hard for 14 laps. The Shannons driver just refuses to give up carving his way to the front making moves on every lap and in the end coming home a strong 8th.

Final; Once again the start is crucial and to be honest it’s a bit of a lottery, after a few bumps and losing just a couple of spots the race settled. With 5 laps to go Emerson was going 5th spot just behind the lead pack, he made a great move only to be bumped wide undoing some of his hard work, back to 10th then a few more moves to finish a strong 8th.

Had it not been for a simple mistake costing Emerson his qualifying time, who knows what would have happened. Plenty of great racing to come this season so as they say there’s always next time.