1936 Plymouth Coupe

1936 Plymouth Coupe

Vehicle Specs

  • Engine:360 Chrysler
  • Transmission:727
  • Body Style:Coupe
  • Trim:Purple suede
  • Colour:Black Panther Effect


When I sold my 1936 Ford Coupe at the Geelong Nats in 1999, I headed back home and bought this unfinished project that I knew about. I had been going on rod runs and drag racing for 20 years with my knees up around my ears, and I needed more space.
The Plymouth was pretty straight, but I turfed the 302W (been there, broke that) and inserted a 360 and 727. I built my own EFI and Engine Management System for it and spared no expense on the engine, looking for maximum power and relying on the EFI to tame it. The whole combo pumped out some awesome horsepower.

I never even got the chance to run it in before I was made an offer on the car that I couldn't refuse. It is now in Perth doing double duty as a weekend dragster.


Engine: 360 LA Mopar block bored, crank internally balanced, 10:1 slugs. Heads are Edelbrock bare aluminium castings, machined by Fyshwick Heads for big valves, roller rockers, mushroom adjsutable pushrods and lots of other good stuff.

Induction: Tunnel ram with 2 four barrel EFI throttle bodies. Engineering done by Ross Racing in Blacktown, includes drilling and cutting the injector bungs, welding them into the manifold runners, facing and milling to size. Fuel rails made at the same time to accommodate the modified manifold.

Engine Management: Kalmaker Street Pro 3. I kept the fuel and timing curves a bit flat while I was running it in, so I never got to ecperience the full potential of the car. When I sold it, the car went to Perth, the home of Kalmaker, where Alan Gibbs was called upon to "tweak" the system. When he called me, he told me that the calibration was so far off that it was like a completely different car.

Exhaust: Custom built with working zoomies and McCord PowerPlates to open/close the collectors remotely.

Transmission: 727 rebuilt by Autodrive, Fyshwick, with heavy duty clutches and bands, full manual, reverse pattern shift through a B&M Megashifter ratchet, 3,000 stall converter.

Diff: Nine inch, 28 spline, 3.9:1 with TrakLok locker, built by Craig at Southern Diffs.

Suspension: HR front end with P76 discs, HQ calipers and XF Falcon rotors. Rear suspension is Falcon semi-eliptic springs, 9" drum brakes.

The interior of the car is in purple suede by Bob Pegg, Pegg's Upholstery in Spence, ACT. Front seat is a XF Ute split bench that was narrowed by taking out the centre console section.

Paint is Panther Effect but replaced the green tint with purple. Body and paint work is by GT with expert supervision from Shorty. Thanks GT. Many weekends went into this, and I shall be forever grateful for GTs patience.