Zippel Cruise Nights (American vehicles only - Adelaide)

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The ‘Zippel Cruise Nights started in 1988 when I invited a small group of friends to meet for a cruise & chat. Even though the Zippel Cruise Nights are now huge, we still operate with the same philosophy – ‘meeting in our cars with friends for cruise & chat. So, the cruises are really for me & my ‘car mates’, so if you own an American car then you are invited as a ‘car mate’ to join us. We operate by a paid annual subscription, no meetings or politics - just fun cruising in our cars. Information for each cruise night (changing location each time) is sent out via email (or post if you wish).   Anybody with an American vehicle is welcome (nobody else sorry), as the nights are not for the public to attend. We ask you to respect our wishes regarding this by not inviting anybody who is not your passenger or in their own American vehicle. If you too your cat to a dog club, would you expect to be welcome?


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