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Our Club has been going now for well over 30 years. We encourage people from all walks of life, Families, people with Vintage or Historic Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles or anyone with a passion for all things mechanical. Membership entitles anyone with an unmodified vehicle over 30 years old to 'Conditional Registration', but we do expect these Members to be be active in Club Events to keep their Registration entitlements through our Club.

Executive Committee

Peter Ling
Vice President:
Ron Hanger
Gail Brims
Kevin Day
Events Director:
Committe Person :
Stuart Irving
Committee Person :
Dwayne Mezzadri
Ben & Tanya Dalton

Club Sponsors

Sunshine Batteries & Radiator Service
Repairs, Exchange & Recores ( Brass & Plastic), Large Range, New Assemblies, Fuel Tank Repairs
Southside Auto Wreckers
Auto Parts Dismantler
Murwillumbah Tyre Service
Bridgestone dealership
Auto Parts Retailer

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Existing Member

If you are already a member of this club, request to be added to the club members listing.

Joining fee


Prospective members must be nominated by a current Club Member and have this seconded by another Member. The application is then approved (or declined) by the Club Committee. Applications must be presented in person at a Club Meeting, and will NOT be accepted returned via Email. Potential Members are expected to attend at least a few Club Events throughout the year (including Meetings) to keep their Membership current. This is to ensure the Club is not being used for cheap rego only (this is not what we're about). The Club at it's discretion can approve or refuse future renewals based on participation throughout the year. PLEASE DON'T USE THE 'REQUEST MEMBERSHIP' TAB ON THIS SHANNONS PAGE. OUR OWN CLUB MEMBERSHIP FORM MUST BE COMPLETED.

When membership is granted a fee of $45.00 per person is payable to the
treasurer. This consisting of $40 for newsletters and subs and $5 for a
joining fee. This is payable immediately after notification of
acceptance. Annual Fees are due at the AGM which is in October of every year