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Encouraging interest in Isuzu vehicles.  Bellett sedans, Bellett GTs, 117 coupe, Florian, Piazza, Gemini, Wasp & other Isuzu utes and commercial vehicles. Keeping Isuzus on the road, for example, by providing access to NSW Conditional Registration Scheme courtesy NSW Council of Motor Clubs (CMC) and NSW RMS. Conditions apply. Enjoying and encouraging driving Isuzu cars by organising & participating in CMC "run" days to places of interest, pub lunch etc and the Shannons Sydney Classic, also organised by the CMC. Supporting those members that wish to pursue motorsport by remaining affiliated with Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS). Providing opportunities to maintain the strong social connections within this club. Organising our group to attend inclusive Show 'n Shine events and be willing to talk to the public about our cars.  "Concourse condition" is NEVER a pre-requisite. Participating in the National Meeting in co-operation with the Bellett Car Club of Victoria and the Old Shcool Japanese Car Club in Qld. The preservation of Isuzu cars by assisting with parts & sharing knowledge; mates helping mates. It is free to join the email list and financial membership is only really required for those taking up Conditional Rego or if you require information to be posted (snail mail) to you.  Financial membership is not required to attend any of our events.  Members of other clubs welcome.  We also welcome invitations from other clubs.

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Ask to join our FREE email list to hear about EVENTS. Only some events are advertised on Facebook Financial membership ($25) is optional unless you want to take advantage of NSW Conditional Registration. Conditions do apply - please enquire well in advance of your rego renewal. We welcome anyone that enjoys driving any Isuzu vehicles; any condition.