Highland Delights
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Highland Delights

By AusMotorcyclistMag - 01 July 2019

This particular ride is one I’ve done a number of times with my mate Col, and I’ve never really taken much notice of where I was going (if you know what I mean?); rather I’ve soaked up the atmosphere from all that lovely scenery along the way. The ride does cover a bit of distance in the one day so if you’re on for some activities off the bike, and there are plenty of options, consider splitting it into a two-day ride.


This is the meeting point, so there’s no need to go right into the town itself, just meet/start out at one of the off/on ramps to the Hume Highway. 


Coffee, a great pub and an atmosphere that takes you away from the big city. The 'Botanic Gardens' are a terrific picnic spot.


Berrima is widely recognised today as the best preserved example of a Georgian village on the Australian mainland. A fortunate series of events created the Berrima we see today. From 1831 to the 1860s was a time of promise and growth, which came to an abrupt end when the railway bypassed the village in 1867. For the next hundred years there was little or no development there and much of it remains this way today. Mind you, there has been an amazing amount of development since but that just means lots to see, lots to do. 


There are plenty of things to see and do around Sutton Forest, too. Visit beautiful historic houses, churches and cemeteries as well as a B&B that was once a colonial inn. Explore pretty gardens and shop for antiques and country wares.


Follow the well-marked bushwalking trails in one of NSW’s largest national parks and admire waterfalls that plunge into valleys below – or keep riding. 


The name ‘Wingello’ comes from the Aboriginal term to burn. Sadly enough there have been a number of devastating fires that have hit the region over the years.


Mainly just a landmark for this ride, but Marulan is another historic town along this wonderful route. It is also home to the Marulan Driving Centre, which holds rider training from time to time.


Bungonia is an outdoor adventure playground offering caving, canyoning, rock climbing, abseiling, hiking and impressive views if you have the time to stop and check it out. 


The pub is the main attraction in this very small town. The steak sandwich is good and the beers, um I mean, the ‘drinks’ are cold. 


A popular spot for Sydneysiders to make a day visit. There are lots of antique type shops, cafes, rich green pastures, sparkling creeks and rivers, lush rainforest and a variety of native flora and fauna to enjoy and preferably not to run over. 


Take the reasonably short walk (depending on your motorcycle boots that is!) out to view the falls which extend around 100 metres to the canyon floor. 


Bowral is famous for its country gardens and fields of tulips in spring. Stunning private gardens, part of grand old estates, are a delight in spring and autumn while shopping experiences are varied - from antiques to homewares, jewellery, arts and crafts – and tea. Of course there are plenty of fancy cafes to choose from as well. A highlight for cricket fans is the Sir Donald Bradman Oval and the International Cricket Hall of Fame.


I’ve made Campbelltown the start and finish point for this ride. Normally our group will start out from a service station at Liverpool, but there’s no need to include the boring first and last few kays I reckon. I suggest starting out near the Hume Highway as there’s no need to go right into Campbelltown itself – you’ll only be coming back along the same road to start the ride. Get onto Narellan Road and head west, veering left onto the Camden Valley Bypass. Follow this all the way, which turns into the Old Hume Highway for the run down into Picton. Depending on how coffee ‘hungry’ you are, stop for a refreshment or keep going. Continue on the Old Hume Highway to Mittagong, and avoid the entry to the freeway by carrying straight on, still on the Old Hume Highway. 

Continue through Berrima and as you cross the old stone bridge out of town you’ll see an old church on your left – turn left here! This is Oldbury Street which turns into Berrima Road. When you get to Moss Vale, turn right onto the Illawarra Highway and head to Sutton Forest. Just through Sutton Forest you’ll get to “Highlands Delights” with its distinct cream/ burgundy roof – turn left here. This is Exeter Road which will take you to…Exeter! Continue on, this is now Bundanoon Road, which takes you to… you guessed it, Bundanoon. Continue through Wingello and Tallong where this will bring you out onto the busy Hume Highway. A short blast down the highway to the BP service centre for some fuel and continue on a couple of kays taking the Marulan South exit, which is Jerrara Road. Follow this to its end at Bungonia. Turn left onto King Street and continue on Oallen Ford Road. Follow along for many kilometres with this road changing its name to Oallen Road. When you get to the end, turn left onto Nerriga Road and head to the Nerriga Pub (on your left) as you get into town. Once you’ve had a big lunch continue your heading north onto Braidwood Road and when you reach the end, turn left onto Albatross Road. Once you get to the main road in Nowra, turn left and follow a couple of kilometres or so turning left at the roundabout taking the Kangaroo Valley/Moss Vale signed road. This is Moss Vale Road which you follow through Kangaroo Valley, Barrengarry and up to Fitzroy Falls, making sure you take the right turn onto Sheepwash Road. This leads you into Bowral where you jump back onto the Old Hume Highway and back to Picton. Almost at the other side of Picton, turn right onto Picton Road, then a couple of kays out, turn left onto Menangle Road, through Menangle and back to Campbelltown and you’re done. 

Fuel - available at many points along this route: Campbelltown, Picton, Mittagong, Moss Vale, Marulan, Nowra and Bowral to name a few.

Distance - 443km total, so leave early in the day!