Kawasaki KLX230: Dual Purpose
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Kawasaki KLX230: Dual Purpose

By BikeReview - 20 October 2020

Review: Jack Maguire, BikeReview.com.au

Much of my early childhood was spent ripping a dirt bike around at the family property and racing flat track at my local track. It’s been at least eight years since I’ve swung my leg over a ‘dirt bike’, and even then – the last dirt machine I rode was only a little pit bike.

The KLX is a great little road bike that is perfect for the learner that wants to do some dirt riding.

So when the opportunity arose to test Kawasaki’s 2020 KLX230, I was anxiously excited. I was keen to rekindle my love for the dirt, but it had been some time since I had seen some dirt action and there were some cobwebs that needed dusting off. The KLX was the perfect bike for the task.

Styled on the KX motocross range, the KLX is basic but attractive with nice graphics and plastics.

Kawasaki’s KLX230 is an affordable road-going dirt bike for leaners and in my opinion is probably the best choice for new riders who are eager to spend some time on the dirt and have a sensible, putt-around bike, and was certainly the best choice of machine for the return to my grassroots.

Starting with the design; with bodywork that takes inspiration from Kawasaki’s KX motocross machines, but is really quite simple and not flashy at all, however, I like that simplicity. While simple, the painted surfaces look good and the overall package is neat and tidy. It sits on big aluminium spoked rims, 21-inch at the front and 18-inch at the rear.

Single disc front brake, dual purpose ABS, 21in wheel.
18in rear wheel, single disc, ABS

The ergonomics of the KLX230 are relaxed and upright with a relatively low seat height, which makes the commute to-and-from work or around town a really pleasant experience. All controls are easily navigated even with street gloves on and bulky boots, which is a big positive, however I wish there was some adjustability in the levers as the clutch was engaging even with the lever all the way in.

Basic switchgear and cable clutch
The mirrors are easy to clip on trees and can come loose on the trails.

I also found that this bike was a little on the smaller side for me. I’m not overly tall at 183cm, but standing up and having relaxed arms gripping the ‘bars wasn’t going to be a reality. I’d have to fit bar risers, which is not an issue.

Basic LCD display dash but it has everything needed. 

The KLX230 dash is very simple. It has all the basic features such as a speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, odometer, trip meter and clock, which is all I really need to know or care about when I’m riding, so I have no complaint about its simplicity.


The fuel-injected, single-cylinder, 233cc four-stroke motor produces a sensible 14kW of power and 19.8Nm of torque, which greatly contributes to my opinion that this is a good LAMS choice. Power and torque feels pretty linear overall but a little stronger in the low-mid range. This motor will only let you down on the freeway, where I found the bike struggles a bit to keep up with traffic particularly on an uphill climb.

The KLX is very fuel efficient, averaging 3.4L/100km in our test.

The power is really easy to manage on the road and on the dirt and made my return to slippery surfaces an easy and rather quite fun job. Understandably, this bike is no match for modern MX and Enduro bikes and it is not supposed to be, but it’ll still set a pretty good pace through some tight trails and is really manoeuvrable thanks to the overall lightweight package. The mirrors do get in the way a bit on the trails though, and it wasn’t uncommon to whack one of the mirrors loose on a tree branch.

The Dual Purpose ABS system is the first of its kind Kawasaki have made. 
Some running gear could be stronger such as the gear ever. 

For the street, the KLX230 is pleasant, comfortable and efficient. The rear shock is very soft, which allows the machine to float over bumps in the road which would otherwise cause spinal damage and chronic back-pain on any other motorcycle!

$5,999RRP + ORC is a great deal for a neat all-rounder LAMS machine. 

The seat feels budget IKEA lounge spec – in that my ass was comfortable for rides not exceeding half-an-hour or so, but felt a bit too hard after long hours in the saddle – so probably not the ideal choice if you spend a lot of time riding. The tyres provide a reasonable amount of grip too, even in the wet!

The six-speed gearbox is smooth, with a lightweight clutch that allows for good, smooth shifts. The brakes are also really good, with plenty of bite in them and decent power, but there is excessive dive in the forks. The KLX230 features Kawasaki’s first dual-purpose ABS system, which worked well.

Jack found the KLX too low for his 183cm height. It needs bar risers.

The bike averaged 3.14L/100km during my time with it, so it is pretty efficient if you ask me! The tank is rather small at a measly 7.5L though and freeway runs are particularly fuel draining.

2UP riding is also surprisingly comfortable, with loads of room to accompany a pillion. But again, comfort is only really a short-term affair on this bike particularly with a passenger. There is preload adjustability on the rear to accommodate the extra weight.

Four-stroke, single-cylinder, SOHC, two-valve, air-cooled, 233cc engine.

I feel that the KLX230 needs to be a little more resilient. I understand that this is a budget option, however, a small fall on the trail caused some significant damage on the bike, which I was shocked to see. Given that leaners are more likely to have an accident whether that be on the road or trail, one small mistake could easily cost you a bike. Stronger handlebars, levers and controls are needed.

Aside from that though, the 2020 Kawasaki KLX230 is a great all-rounder. It can do off-road work well enough for a bit of fun and is a pleasant road-riding experience too. It makes a great first motorcycle, and a good choice for new riders.

Soft suspension and an easy going nature mean the KLX is a fun, relaxed bike to live with and learn to ride on. 

2020 Kawasaki KLX230

Price: $5,999RRP + ORC (click here for the R/A price for your postcode)

Claimed Power: 14kW[18.8hp]@7,600rpm

Claimed Torque: 19.8Nm[14.6lbs-ft]@6,100rpm

Wet Weight: 134kg

Fuel capacity: 7.5L

Engine: Four-stroke, single-cylinder, SOHC, two-valve, air-cooled, 67.0 x 66.0mm, 233cc, 9.4:1, EFI, electric start

Gearbox: Six-speed

Clutch: Wet, multi-disc

Chassis: Tubular, semi-double cradle

Rake: 27.3°

Trail: 116mm

Suspension: 37mm telescopic forks, 220mm travel, single shock, 223mm travel, preload only

Brakes: 241mm petal rotor, two-piston caliper (f), 220mm rotor, single-piston caliper (r), ABS

Wheels & Tyres: Aluminium spoked wheels, 21in (f), 18in (r), IRC Trails GP-21F knobbed tyres, 2.75 – 21 45P (f), 4.10 -18 59P (r)


Wheelbase: 1,380mm

Seat height: 885mm

Ground clearance: 265mm

Overall width: 835mm

Overall Length: 2,105mm

Overall height: 1,165mm

Instruments: Digital LCD display

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