ALBURY, MATE! - Yeah, she’s a gooden, eh!
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ALBURY, MATE! - Yeah, she’s a gooden, eh!

By AusMotorcyclistMag - 07 June 2020

If you’ve ever driven/ridden from Sydney to Melbourne or vice versa via the Hume Highway you more than likely stopped for a feed or fuel in Albury. As much as Albury is used as a “rest stop”, did you actually know there are some cracking good roads to be enjoyed pretty much straight out of town? This particular ride takes you out around Lake Hume and comes back towards Albury where you can take the optional Granya Gap Road, which is a truly awesome set of twisties. Enjoy!


Despite most people doing a fly-through of Albury on their way to either Melbourne or Sydney, the town is quite pretty with many old historic buildings, wide country streets and

the stunning Sumsion Gardens. Being a major regional town, you can get anything and everything you’ll need. I’ve normally stayed at The Hume Inn which is reasonably priced and has an Italian restaurant out the front. In fact, The Hume Inn is where our very own Lester Morris used to have his cabaret show! An interesting fact - Albury Wodonga is home to Australia’s Flying Fruit Fly Circus, the only full-time circus school in Australia catering for young people 8-18 years of age.


Wodonga is essentially a part of Albury, just across the Murray River.


The township on the present site was officially declared in 1956, as it replaced an earlier township 7km to the east, which was flooded by the waters of the enlarged Lake Hume. It is now the service centre for the surrounding farming district as well as being an all-season holiday location and a convenient stopping place on the way to the ski fields/Snowy Mountains area.


Home of the Man from Snowy River, you can explore the Man from Snowy River Museum, visit the grave of The Man from Snowy River (Jack Riley) and participate in an annual celebration at the Man from Snowy River Bush Festival, if you happen to be there at the time.

Corryong has some nice cafes to choose from as well as the hotel if you’re in need of an ale. There’s also plenty of beautiful places to stay.


It is claimed “tintaldra” is a local Aboriginal word meaning “young man by the water”. It was used by the Aboriginal guides who brought Charles Huon de Kerrilleau to

the area to show him fresh grass and water. The Tintaldra Hotel sadly closed earlier this year. It is a signifcant historic hotel on the bank just above the Murray River. The original hotel was built by Sydney Grandison Watson around 1864. The present hotel had been built by 1874 and was originally known as the Pet Lamb Hotel. Now, only the general store is open, but the town is still worth checking out.


Hotel Granya is the main attraction here (apart from the surrounding roads). The hotel offers free camping, has great food and cold beer, and the best part is that they love to cater for motorcyclists. Call them on 02 6072 9548 or email:


Mainly just a reference point for this ride, but Lake Hume Resort offers some nice cabin-style accommodation.



Head south out of Albury on High Street, turning left on Osburn Street at the Red Rooster chicken joint. Head through a couple of roundabouts always veering left until you’re on Murray Valley Highway, and essentially follow it all the way round Lake Hume, past Tallangatta and continue on to Corryong.

Once you’re past Corryong, the next town is Towong where you need to make sure you veer left to stay on Murray River Road which heads up to Tintaldra. Continue on Murray River Road and follow the Victorian side of the Murray River where you’ll come to a Y-piece of the road with signs saying Granya to the left and Albury/Hume Dam to the right. If you’re not fussed on the optional route, veer to the right heading back towards Albury – this is still Murray River Road. When you get to the bridge, enjoy the sights and you’re not far from a T-intersection where you need to turn right and head back into Albury.

Distance – 285km

Fuel – Albury, Tallangatta, Corryong


Once you’re about 235km around you’ll come to the Y intersection where you can decide to do the Granya Road section. I recommend heading down and then turning around once you hit Murray Valley Road and coming back. Trust me, it’s certainly worth it. Just watch some leaf litter and of course those Highway Patrol people.

Distance – 17km each way Fuel – As above