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Number Plates - Victorian Numerical Number Plates '38.289'

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3 - This number is often used in the context of growth and development and also reflects its status as a's considered an extremely lucky number

8 - Wealth, prosperity, luck,'s undoubtedly the best number!

2 - Doubles the power of the number sequence following on, plus also refers to an "easy path" to the meaning of the number sequence that follows

9 - This number acts as an emphasis to the numbers preceding it in the sequence. The number 9 has several meanings, most commonly it adds emphasis through implying the effect will be long lasting or more than sufficient to achieve the goals.

Combined in sequence as 38-289

38 -  Triple (3) wealth and prosperity (8)

289 - To have an easy path (2), doubled (2), to more than enough(9) wealth and prosperity(8)

As a simplified interpretation: Triple wealth followed by an easy path to more than enough wealth and prosperity.

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