Shannons Auctions offer you 3 ways to bid - in person, online or by phone. If you plan to bid at a Shannons Auction you must register your details in advance, please see below details on how to register as a bidder.

on phone On the Phone or Absentee

Firstly, you must register as a bidder by calling Shannons on 13 46 46 (Opt 6) and be approved by Shannons Auctions. Then on the night of the auction an auction team member will call you prior to your lot of interest coming up for sale. They will then act as your liason at the auction and place bids as instructed by you on the phone.

Alternatively, you may prefer to leave a maximum bid with the Shannons Auction team in advance of the auction, which is known as an Absentee Bid. A Shannons Auctions team member will then place this bid in the live auction, bidding up to your maximum until you have either won the lot or your bid has been surpassed.

To register as phone or absentee bidder you must register prior to 12 PM midday on the day of Auction. By contacting the Shannons Auction Team on 13 46 46 (Opt 6).

Online Bidding Online Bidding

Shannons Online Bidding allows people to watch a live stream of the auction and place bids online, in real time on all auction lots from anywhere in Australia or overseas from the comfort of their own home.

To participate in online bidding you must first register by clicking here and using the “SIGN UP” button in the top right hand corner. Once approved, you will be able to login and view a live stream of the auction and place bids.

Please note: Registration for online bidding closes 24 hours prior to the auction.

What do you need to access Shannons Online Bidding?

As a minimum you will require an ADSL2 Broadband connection and Flash enabled browsing on your computer. If you don't have a Flash Player installed you can download a free copy at

What are the features of the Shannons Online Bidding website?

  • A list of all auction lots
  • Live streaming video and audio of the auction
  • Featured lot of the item being auctioned

Prominent bid button/asking bid with live bid history

How do I bid online?

Once the auction has started, the auctioneer will call for bids. All bids are based on the auctioneer's direction. All onsite, telephone and online bids will appear in the bidding history in real time. The bid increments are determined by the auctioneer and appear on the asking bid section. To bid at the asking bid value, click the bid button. The item will be SOLD when the auctioneer confirms SOLD at the conclusion of bidding on the lot.

Is there a delay with online bidding?

Delays are kept to absolute minimum. The service has an average delay of a third of a second, so bid promptly to avoid disappointment.

What do I do if my internet connection goes down?

Simply log back into the Shannons Online Bidding website and re-enter your email address and password. Technical support is available here

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In Person In Person

To bid at a Shannons Auctions in person, you must first register your details with the Shannons Auctions. This can be done prior to or on the day of the auction, by completing a bidder registration form.

Simply call Shannons on 13 46 46 (Opt 6).

If you are unable to attend one of our Shannons Auctions in person or are placing a bid from interstate or overseas, there are several options available to you to participate in the auction bidding.