Online BiddingTimed Online Bidding

A Timed Online Auction is different from a Shannons Live Auction and it is important that you are familiar with how it works so when it comes time to place a bid, you understand the process and can bid with confidence.

Shannons Timed Online Auctions run for a set period, it is open for online bidding for 14 days, as prescribed on the website. The system allows people to place bids online, in real time on all auction lots from anywhere in Australia or overseas, from the comfort of their own home. Please note: This timed online auction will carry different terms and conditions to normal Shannons live Auctions.

To participate as a bidder in the timed online auction, you must first register as a new online bidder on the website. Once approved, you will be able to login, view a catalogue of the auction and place bids. Registration for online bidding closes 12 hours prior to the designated auction closure date.

Bidding opens at 7.00pm, AEDT on Thursday 30th November, 2017, and closes at 5.00pm AEDT on Thursday 14th December, 2017. Bidding closure will be staggered to allow bidders adequate time to bid on multiple lots, as follows:

  • Lots 1-10 Bids close 5.00pm AEDT*
  • Lots 11-20 Bids close 5.05pm AEDT*
  • Lots 21-30 Bids close 5.10pm AEDT*
  • Lots 31-40 Bids close 5.15pm AEDT*
  • Lots 41-50 Bids close 5.20pm AEDT*
  • Lots 51-60 Bids close 5.25pm AEDT*
  • Lots 61-70 Bids close 5.30pm AEDT*
  • Lots 71-80 Bids close 5.35pm AEDT*
  • Lots 81-90 Bids close 5.40pm AEDT*
  • Lots 91-100 Bids close 5.45pm AEDT*
  • Lot 101-110 Bids close 5.50pm AEDT*
  • Lot 111-120 Bids close 5.55pm AEDT*
  • Lot 121-130 Bids close 6.00pm AEDT*
  • Lot 131-140 Bids close 6.05pm AEDT*
  • Lot 141-150 Bids close 6.10pm AEDT*
  • Lot 151-160 Bids close 6.15pm AEDT*
  • Lot 161-170 Bids close 6.20pm AEDT*
  • Lot 171-180 Bids close 6.25pm AEDT*
  • Lot 181-190 Bids close 6.30pm AEDT*
  • Lot 191-200 Bids close 6.35pm AEDT*
  • Lot 201-210 Bids close 6.40pm AEDT*
  • Lot 211-220 Bids close 6.45pm AEDT*
  • Lot 221-230 Bids close 6.50pm AEDT*
  • Lot 231-240 Bids close 6.55pm AEDT*
  • Lot 241-250 Bids close 7.00pm AEDT*
  • Lot 251-260 Bids close 7.05pm AEDT*
  • Lot 261-270 Bids close 7.10pm AEDT*
  • Lot 271-280 Bids close 7.15pm AEDT*
  • Lot 281-290 Bids close 7.20pm AEDT*
  • Lot 291-300 Bids close 7.25pm AEDT*
  • Lot 301-310 Bids close 7.30pm AEDT*
  • Lot 311-320 Bids close 7.45pm AEDT*
  • Lot 321-330 Bids close 7.50pm AEDT*
  • Lot 331-340 Bids close 7.55pm AEDT*
  • Lot 341-350 Bids close 8.00pm AEDT*
  • Lot 351-360 Bids close 8.05pm AEDT*
  • Lot 361-370 Bids close 8.10pm AEDT*
  • Lot 371-380 Bids close 8.15pm AEDT
  • Lot 381-388 Bids close 8.20pm AEDT

*Note: The Bid Extension rule applies to all lots

To access Shannons Online Bidding, you will require a working internet connection.

The Shannons Timed Online Bidding website features:

  • A list of all auction lots
  • Photo/s of Auction items
  • Display of the item being auctioned
  • Prominent bid button/asking bid with live bid history
  • Email outbid notifications
  • SMS outbid notifications for any bidders who register their phone number in the 'mobile' field, and opt-in to receive these messages
  • Seamless bidding on all devices including mobile phones and tablets.

How do I bid online?

Once the auction has started, online bids will appear in the bidding history in real time. The bid increments are determined by preset values in the system. To bid at the asking bid value, click the 'Place Bid' button and enter the amount you wish to bid. The system will show a confirmation message before placing your bid, and includes the total amounts to be paid if you are the successful winning bidder. Click 'Place Bid' to confirm. By confirming your bid, Shannons assumes that you have read and acknowledged this confirmation message.

Bid Extension

At the designated closing time of each lot, there will be a 3-minute extension on each bid to allow others to bid (this is known as 'Bid extension'). The item will be SOLD when there is only one bidder left bidding on the lot.

Do I have to stay at my computer for the duration of the auction?

The timed auction system allows users to place maximum bids. This allows the bidder to nominate a figure they would like to bid up to, and the system is then programmed to bid up to that specified figure on the bidder's behalf. Placing a maximum bid allows the bidder to leave their computer, knowing that the system will take care of their bids, to the price they have nominated. The bidder may also 'raise' the auction directly to this price as a competitive bidding tactic.

You can also bid at a Shannons online timed auction using your mobile phone or tablet. We recommend that you opt-in to email and SMS outbid notifications so that you won't miss a bid.

What do I do if my internet connection goes down?

If your internet connection drops, you will be prompted by the system to refresh your page. Simply refresh your page to continue bidding on the timed auction, or log back into the Shannons Online Bidding website and re-enter your email address and password. Technical support is also available.

Pick up or Delivery

Items can be collected from Shannons Heatherton Office, 40 Corporate Drive, Heatherton, Victoria during office hours.

  • Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm
  • Saturday 9am - 4pm

Delivery of all lots will be an additional cost. International and Domestic delivery can be arranged through Pack & Send Cheltenham. Refer to Delivery Conditions.

To arrange delivery contact Ian Lister at Pack & Send Cheltenham:
Phone: 03 9585 7543