2021 Shannons Winter Timed Online Auction

1971 Ford Capri GT V6 Coupe





Engine 3.0 litre V6
Gearbox Three-speed automatic
Body Work Coupe
Colour Vermillion Fire
Interior Black
Trim Vinyl
Wheels Alloys
Brakes Disc/drum


This lot is no longer available

Designed to mimic the success of the sporty Mustang range in the US, the Capri was introduced to Europe as Ford's take on a quick and stylish sports coupe. It was Ford UK which stood to benefit most, for it badly needed something that would appeal to younger buyers. The Mk1 eventually went on sale in 1969 with a range of engines that were shared with other cars in the Ford family. Initially you could only order a Capri with a four-cylinder motor- of 1.3, 1.6 or 2.0-litres, all backed by a Cortina gearbox. Like Mustang, various trim levels were available with each engine. The 1600GT for example, could come with L, X, R, XL or XLR packages with appropriate badging. For the Mk1 facelift the fours were joined by a flagship 3000-series, powered by the 'Essex V6'. Thus equipped, the Capris were true British muscle cars and won legions of fans. Australia also received the Capri, the local 3.0 litre GT gaining some notoriety by wearing the 'Super Roo' decals first seen on the legendary XW GT. Both four and six-cylinder Capris were enjoyed in touring car events throughout the world and are still considered stylish today, making them a viable alternative to the more traditional Falcon in the Australian classic market.