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1980 Holden VH Commodore 'Group C' Race Car (S.Taylor & K.Kennedy)



Passed In


Engine 308ci V8
Gearbox Four-speed manual
Body Work Sedan
Colour Red/White
Interior Beige
Trim Vinyl
Wheels Simmons alloys
Brakes Disc/disc


This lot is no longer available

Holden’s third generation Commodore was introduced in September 1981, with a facelift that included new front guards, bonnet, grille, headlamps, and taillights plus various detail changes. Improvements under the VH Commodore’s skin included more fuel efficient and better performing four and six cylinder engines, along with the option of a five-speed gearbox across the range. The interior was revised, featuring new trim designs and a redesigned instrument binnacle, while a digital trip computer was optional on some models. Holden revamped the model line-up as well, with the SL the new base trim level, the SL/X the mid-level offering and the SL/E once again the luxury model. There was also the new SS performance option, introduced at the beginning of 1982, with special colour-coded bumpers, blacked-out windows, special alloy wheels and interior. The SS was initially sold only with a 4.2 litre V8, but this was soon replaced with the 5.0 unit, forming the basis for Peter Brock’s second Holden Dealer Team modified Commodores. The VH SS was based on the ‘poverty pack’ Commodore and came without all the nice to have but heavy accessories such as power steering, air-conditioning, power windows, extra trim and sound deadening.

The top cars of the day made a little over 400 horsepower and weighed just over 1200 kilograms. A potent power to weight ratio and race winning package when combined with a slippery body shape, big spoilers and wide slick tyres. The Group C rules evolved from year to year with extra freedoms granted to different models in an attempt by CAMS to even up the competition. The 1983/84 rules Group C rules allowed the most freedoms in terms of engine, suspension and brake modifications and therefore produced the fastest cars. A VH SS Commodore won Bathurst in both 1982 and 1983 with Holden Dealer Team stars Peter Brock and Larry Perkins at the wheel along with John Harvey in 1983. VH SS Commodores were also run by many other top guns and much favoured by privateers as it offered plenty of bang for buck in terms of performance and reliability for a reasonable budget.