2021 Shannons '40th Anniversary' Timed Online Auction

1982 Porsche 911SC 'Targa' Coupe





Engine 3.0 litre six-cylinder
Gearbox Five-speed manual
Body Work Targa
Colour Schwarz Metallic
Interior Tan
Trim Leatherette
Wheels Fuchs alloys
Brakes Disc/disc


This lot is no longer available

Porsche’s 911 is an automotive icon, the most readily identifiable sports car on the planet and is still going strong almost six decades on. Arguably the last of the classic early 911 models was the SC built between 1978 and 1983, devoid of the electronic aids and gizmos that increasingly found their way into Porsche’s finest driver’s car through the remainder of the 1980s and beyond. Mechanically robust, the 911 SC also benefited from the Thyssenn zinc-coated galvanised bodyshell to seriously reduce the risk of rust and the use of high-quality materials, both inside and out, combined with excellent build quality to ensure they have generally survived the passage of time in good condition, particularly when cared for. The 3-litre engine had a small drop in power (to 180 bhp) but new camshafts resulted in a flatter torque curve and a more flexible drive. A new crankshaft and bigger main and big-end bearings ensured mechanical longevity as well. The braking system was improved with the adoption of a servo as standard, and the five-speed 915 gearbox was also standardised. The interior came in for some improvements as well, with electric windows and air conditioning now standard equipment. The 911SC represents some of the best value to wear the famous Zuffenhausen badge and to quote a recent report in the magazine Octane, “Find a good one and you will have a dream sports car, not an extravagant nightmare. Buy one before everybody else wakes up”.

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