2020 Shannons Winter Timed Online Auction

1962 Volvo 122S Sedan


Wednesday 26 August 9.07pm AEST*




Engine In-line 4-cylinder, 1780cc
Gearbox 4-speed manual
Body Work Sedan
Colour California White
Interior Red
Trim Vinyl
Wheels Cast Alloy (see text)
Brakes Discs/Drums


This lot is no longer available

Affectionately known as the ‘Amazon’, Volvo’s mid-sized 120-series was unveiled in 1956 to supplement the strong-selling PV444 model, stylist Jan Wilsgaard heavily influenced by contemporary American designs like the Kaiser and Chrysler C-300.  Produced in both two and four-door sedan versions (and later as a five-door estate), the Amazon became the first passenger car to offer front seat belts as standard equipment in 1959, a major safety innovation.  Originally powered by the all-new B16A four-cylinder engine displacing 1583cc and developing 60 bhp, the earliest Amazons came with a three-speed transmission but a four-speed was offered from 1958, along with a twin-carburettor 122S version of the engine raising power output by an additional 20bhp.  The next significant development in the 120-series chronology took place in 1961 with the arrival of the B18 motor, the 1800cc unit rated at 75bhp in single carburettor guise or 90bhp for the twin carb 122S.  A switch to 12-volt electrics and revised front suspension further improved the Volvo’s drivability, while the option of an automatic transmission from 1963 onwards broadened the model’s appeal further still.  Always a strong seller both at home and in export markets, including Australia, the Amazon remained in production until 1970 by which time more than 667,000 had been made.  Local sales began here in 1961, the vast majority being the sportier 122S model with bucket seats and floor-change gearboxes.  The Volvo also acquitted itself well in motorsport, particularly excelling in the toughest rallying conditions, scoring numerous important wins and that heritage is reflected in the way the best of these cars drive today – the combination of timeless styling, exceptional build quality and rugged mechanicals make for a rewarding ownership experience, backed by a strong club scene and good spares availability.