2020 Shannons Sydney Summer Classic Auction & Rare Number Plates

1963 Ford Consul Classic 315 Sedan




Engine In-line four-cylinder, 1498cc
Gearbox 4-speed manual
Body Work Sedan
Colour Lime Green & White
Interior Elm Green
Trim Vinyl
Wheels Steel disc
Brakes Discs/drums


This lot is no longer available

Designed to fill the gap between Ford’s small Anglia and larger Zephyr models and launched in 1961, the mid-sized Consul Classic featured American-inspired styling dominated by quad headlamps, a narrow front grille complete with chrome star motifs, fins and a reverse-raked rear window - a styling gimmick first used by Mercury in 1957 and one employed to good effect on the Anglia.  The Consul Classic used the Anglia’s sturdy 1340cc Kent four-cylinder engine under the bonnet, either column or floor-mounted gearshifts and Girling disc brakes up front.  Badged the Consul 315 for export markets and sold in both two and four-door guises, a stylish coupe badged the Capri was added to inject some glamour into the model range.  Ford made several mechanical improvements in August 1962, including synchro on all four gears and a five-bearing 1500cc engine.  Two trim levels were available, the more upmarket De Luxe adding two-speed windscreen wipers and a cigarette lighter, while a heater remained an optional extra.  Billed as the family car that ‘Set the Style’, the Consul Classic ultimately proved too costly to produce.  Replaced by the cheaper Corsair in 1963, just 111,225 were made, of which only a fraction remain on the road today.  Famous as Paul McCartney’s choice for his first car, the stylish Consul Classic 315 is a great choice for the English Ford enthusiast, welcome at the many Ford days held around the country and ably supported by clubs worldwide.