2020 Shannons Spring Timed Online Auction

2011 Sylva Mojo Electric Roadster



Passed In


Engine 9-inch DC electric
Gearbox Manual
Body Work Clubman sports
Colour Blue
Interior Black
Trim Vinyl
Wheels Advanti alloys
Brakes Disc/disc


This lot is no longer available

Sylva Autokits is a kit car manufacturer based in Lincolnshire, UK. Founded in 1981 by Jeremy Phillips, Sylva has developed and produced several small and lightweight sports cars aimed at the enthusiast, many of them reflecting classic designs of years past. Sylva has sold many of these older designs to other kit car manufacturers, such as the Fury to Fisher Sportscars, the Stylus to Specialist Sports Cars, and the Striker to Raw. And by doing so, Sylva has been able to focus on newer, much more contemporary designs, such as the current Sylva Mojo 2 and R1ot. The Mojo was launched in 2000. It was originally designed around the front-wheel-drive engine and gearbox from a Mk2 Ford Fiesta but fitted at the rear, to give it a mid-mounted transverse configuration. The Mojo also used a De Dion rear suspension setup combined with a variation on the Sylva-designed inboard front suspension. The Ford CVH engine was standard, but other engines such as Ford Zetec, Toyota 4AGE and Renault 5 GT Turbo have also used. Being owner-built has encouraged innovation, such as a fully electric version of the Mojo (as here) which is motivated by lithium ion batteries powering a 9-inch DC electric motor via a Mazda manual transmission. There is a Divan on-board charger, a Kurtis controller, and a separate solar system to power the lights. With instant power, no fuel costs and virtually no noise, this fully green lightweight sports car potentially points the way to the future of performance motoring.