2019 Shannons Melbourne Winter Classic Auction

1999 AC DAX Cobra Replica


Passed In


Engine 5.7 litre V8
Gearbox Five-speed manual
Body Work Roadster
Colour Azurite Blue
Interior Black
Trim Leather
Wheels Halibrand-style alloys
Brakes Disc/disc


This lot is no longer available

The DAX Tojeiro has long been regarded as one of the finest Cobra replicas in the world, having been established nearly 40 years ago by Brian Johns under the trading name D.J.Sportscars. The link between Tojeiro and the original Cobra is an interesting one - John Tojeiro was instrumental in the design of the prototype AC Ace, the 2-Seater sports car from the 1950s with the pretty bodywork inspired, it is said, by the Barchetta bodies on early Ferraris. The Ace, of course, went on to become the basis of Carroll Shelby's Cobra while Tojeiro himself spent the rest of the 1950s building a range of sports racing cars powered by Climax, MG and Jaguar engines. Although the DAX isn't available as a turn-key direct from the factory, various build agents sell complete cars but the majority are sold as kits completed by dedicated owner/builders, usually to the most exacting standards of finish and workmanship. Although the DAX Tojeiro chassis has been engineered to accept almost any type of engine, from Rover V8s to Jaguar V12s, the small-block American V8s remain the most popular choice. The cockpit of the DAX has been thoughtfully designed to be roomy enough for the biggest drivers, the suspension set-up to provide a comfortable ride without compromising handling, along with excellent brakes and steering. In short, the DAX Tojeiro is one of the best resolved of all Cobra replicas on the market - as demonstrated by the fact the company has flourished in such a hotly contested market segment.