2018 Shannons Sydney Classic Auction in Conjunction with the Hot Rod & Custom Auto Expo

1959 Ford Fairlane Galaxie 2-Door Hardtop Coupe (RHD)




Engine V8, 351-cid (see text)
Gearbox 3-speed automatic
Body Work 2-Door Hardtop
Colour Blue & White
Interior Blue & White
Trim Vinyl
Wheels Steel disc
Brakes Discs/Drums (see text)


This lot is no longer available

Billed as the ‘World’s Most Beautifully Proportioned Car’ and certainly one of the best looking American cars of the 1950s, Ford’s long and low 1959 full-size model range showed a certain degree of restraint compared with its rivals, featuring flat top front fenders and bonnet, swept rear fenders, sculpted sides and a grille highlighted by floating stylized stars.  Building on the line-up offered the previous year, Ford added a new series badged the Galaxie mid-way through the 1959 season, positioned above the Custom 300, Fairlane and Fairlane 500 models.  All were sold in both six-cylinder and V8 variants, while buyers were offered a diverse range of sedans, station wagons, hardtops and convertibles.  The standard V8 powertrain was the Y-block 292-cid unit developing 200 horsepower, with larger 332-cid and 352-cid V8s both available at extra cost.  Distinguished by its unique Thunderbird-inspired roofline, the Galaxie is widely regarded as the best looking of all the 1959 Fords (it was awarded the Gold Medal for exceptional styling at the World’s Fair held in Brussels) and could be ordered as a Town or Club Sedan, Town or Club Victorias and Sunliner or Skyliner convertibles (the latter boasting a fully-retractable roof).  Ford came close to outselling arch rival Chevrolet in 1959, producing 1,462,100 cars - of which a decent proportion (121,869) were Galaxie Club Victorias.