2018 Shannons Melbourne Autumn Classic Auction

1954 Citroen 2CVSA Sedan




Engine 375cc two-cylinder
Gearbox Four-speed manual
Body Work Sedan
Colour Metallic Grey
Interior Green
Trim Canvas
Wheels Steel
Brakes Drums/drums


This lot is no longer available

The Citroen Deux Chevaux (2CV) first appeared at the 1948 Paris Salon and the quirky Citroen has come to epitomise French eccentricity on four wheels. With the original design brief pre-dating the war, the 2CV had to be able to carry two farmers, 50kg of potatoes and a basket of eggs across a ploughed field without breaking any of them at 50km/h, a goal achieved using fully independent suspension interconnected front and rear. Rack and pinion steering, inboard front brakes and practical interior made the Deux Chevaux so much more than just basic transport. Development of the 2CV continued at pace from the time of launch until production ceased at the Levallois plant in February 1988, the engine capacity being raised from an initial 375cc flat-twin through to the final 602cc engine developing 29bhp, twelve-volt electrics from 1970, revisions to the bodywork and front disc brakes in 1981. Ownership of the 2CV is a rewarding experience, offering charm in spades, practicality and excellent value for money.