2013 Shannons Sydney Autumn Classic Auction

2003 TVR Tuscan Mk1 Targa Convertible




Engine In-line 6 cylinder,3996cc
Gearbox 5-Speed manual
Body Work Convertible
Colour Chameleon Blue
Interior Green/Purple
Trim Leather
Wheels Disc
Brakes Cast Alloy


This lot is no longer available

Introduced in 1999, the new-generation TVR Tuscan revived the name of an earlier sportscar from the Blackpool firm, which was in production from 1967 to 1971.
Known as the 'Speed Six', it was powered by TVR's own inline six-cylinder motor of either 3.6-litre (350bhp) or 4.0-litre (360bhp) capacities.
The Tuscan was made famous by its appearance in the John Travolta movie, Swordfish, and continued the TVR tradition of light weight, quirky design details and great value for money on a dollar (or, in this case, pound) for power basis, being far quicker than the equivalent Porsche Boxster. The Tuscan weighed only 1100kg thanks largely to its fibreglass body and lack of driver aids, giving the driver full control of the front-mid engine, rear-drive supercar.
Power rose to 380bhp with the 'Red Rose', then 390bhp with the 'S' model. This was once more upped to an even 400bhp post-2003.
After a break in production- thanks to TVR's ownership woes- the Tuscan 'Mk2' resumed in 2005 with 4.0-litre engines in 380bhp or 400bhp guise. A convertible was introduced, the cabin and dynamics were both updated and a convertible model was introduced. Sadly, it failed to lift the company out of the financial doldrums, and production was finally shut down in 2006.

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