2012 Shannons Melbourne Autumn Classic Auction

1947 Harley-Davidson U47-1210 'Flat Head' Motorcycle


Passed In


Engine 74cu 1210cc V-Twin
Gearbox 3-Speed Manual
Colour Red
Trim Leather


This lot is no longer available

Though Harley-Davidson 'Flat-Head' engines had been around in one form or another since 1919, it was 1930 that saw the debut of the legendary 'Big-Twin' version. At 74ci, or 1210cc, the engine (designated 'VL') replaced the older JD and utilised an intake-over-exhaust configuration. Initially its oiling system followed the 'total loss' concept however in 1937 the motor was re-designed to take a recirculating system, making it more modern. Thus refreshed, it was dropped into the newly-designated 'U' model, which shared a frame and other parts with the recently introduced 'Knucklehead' powered 'E' model. The U and its cousin the UL were produced in 74ci form until 1948, when the VL motor was superseded by the OHV 'Panhead' engine series.