2011 Shannons Melbourne Summer Classic Auction

1991 Toyota Celica GT4 Group A Coupe (No.45/150)




Engine 4 cylinder, 2 litre
Gearbox 5 speed Manual
Body Work Coupe
Colour Red
Interior Grey
Trim Cloth
Wheels Cast Alloy
Brakes Disc


This lot is no longer available

The advent of Group A rally regulations saw the introduction of the first Toyota Celica GT-Four (an acronym for 'Grand Touring- Fulltime On-Road Uniquely Responsive') in late 1986. Known as the ST-165 it was based on the standard ST-162 Celica but had the 2 litre, all-wheel drive, turbo combination necessary to be competitive in rallying form. By September 1989 the ST-165 had been replaced by the new shape ST-185 in the road car range. This was the first GT-Four to arrive in Australia, arriving for the 1990 model year. The Australian-spec ST-185's 1998cc 3S-GTE engine produced 149kW @ 6000rpm and 275Nm torque @3200rpm through a new twin-entry turbocharger (to increase response) and air-to air intercooler fed by a large central bonnet scoop- designed to address the airflow and cooling issues found in its predecessor. Drive was split 50:50, front-to-rear. Two years further down the road, a facelift of the ST185 gave Toyota a chance to produce an additional 5000 GT-Fours with further enhanced specifications. Though called the 'Rally Competition' in Japan and the 'Group A Rallye' in Australia, it became universally known as the 'Carlos Sainz Limited Edition' as that's what they were called in Europe, where the rally team was based. The upgrade included a lighter front bar and lower, deeper bonnet vent with an auxiliary bonnet scoop. The Sainz also received a water-to-air intercooler, lighter exhaust system and upgraded gearbox synchros, while utilising a torque-sensing rear LSD. Australia received 150 of the model allocation, each with a commemorative plaque mounted ahead of the gear lever. Power was stated at 153kW @ 6000rpm. Today these Sainz editions are revered amongst rally fans as solid examples of what the Group A regulations meant- wonderful road cars for driving enthusiasts.

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