2011 Shannons Melbourne Autumn Classic Auction

1948 Ford Prefect Saloon




Engine 4 cylinder
Gearbox 3 speed manual
Body Work 4 door Saloon
Colour Black
Interior Red
Trim Vinyl
Wheels Steel Disc
Brakes Drum


This lot is no longer available

Ford's Prefect, codenamed the E93A, was first seen in public in 1938 and was essentially a development of the Ten model, featuring a side-valve four-cylinder engine displacing 1172cc. The Prefect and it's lower priced Anglia sibling, proved incredibly popular in Britain, both leading up to the outbreak of war and once hostilities had ceased, with only minor changes to the basic specification made when production resumed in 1945. In 1949, Ford modernised the Prefect somewhat, with the headlights incorporated into the front wings to update the styling along with the addition of trafficators, but underneath little was changed. The Prefect still had Girling mechanical brakes, transverse leaf springs both front and rear and could top 61 mph. Production of the E493A Prefect continued until the all-new 100E model was introduced in 1953 and some 192,229 were made in this period, both in four-door guise and (for Australia only) the two-door coupe utility. Indeed, Ford's Australian operation assembled Prefects alongside several other models in the early post-war years, using locally made coachwork.