2011 Australian International Motor Show Auction

1951 Vespa 125 'Fenderlight' Scooter


Passed In


Engine 125cc
Gearbox Manual
Colour Green Metallic


This lot is no longer available

The name Vespa, when translated, means wasp and this label was applied by Enrico Piaggio to his scooters when they first appeared in 1942, both for their appearance and the buzzing noise of the two-stroke engine. Production of the Vespa was soon in full swing, capitalising on the post-war economic boom in Italy and sales had surpassed one million units by 1956. The 125 first appeared in 1948, with bigger brakes, more comfortable suspension and of course, the larger and more powerful engine. The handlebars themselves were now mounted in an anti-vibration support and the gearbox operated by flexible cables instead of a rod linkage. The Farro Basso (Fender Light) Vespas are rare and particularly collectible given their elegant styling. In fact, one was used in the movie 'Roman Holiday' which starred Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, which added to the model's worldwide desirability.