2010 Shannons Motorclassica Collector Vehicle Auction

c1925 Douglas 350cc 'Belt Drive' Motorcycle




Engine 350cc Twin
Gearbox 2-Speed Manual
Colour Silver/Black
Trim Tan Leather


This lot is no longer available

The Douglas brand of Motorcycle were produced from 1907-1957 based in Bristol, England, and were renowned for their horizontally opposed twin cylinder engine Motorcycles. From 1907 they produced a 350cc version however, in 1915 the engine was placed lengthways in the frame with belt final drive, and electric lighting was fitted. During World War I , Douglas was a major motorcycle supplier, making around 70,000 motorcycles for military use. In the 1920s Douglas had a Royal Warrant for the supply of motorcycles to the Princes, Albert and Henry. Douglas motorcycles also became popular in dirt track racing and initially the 1923 RA model with disc brakes was favoured. This prompted Douglas to build specific dirt track models. Westinghouse Brake and Signal bought Douglas out and production of Douglas Motorcycles ended in 1957.