2009 Shannons Sydney Summer Classic Auction

1964 MGB MK1 Roadster





Engine In-line 4-cylinder, 1798cc
Gearbox 4-speed manual
Body Work Roadster
Colour Buttermilk
Interior Tan
Wheels Wire-spoked
Brakes Discs/Drums


This lot is no longer available

The evergreen MGB is, quite simply, the most popular sports car ever made in Britain and as an affordable, practical and thoroughly enjoyable two-seater, still has tremendous appeal today. The MGB was the final - and most successful - real sports car to wear the famous Octagon badge to many enthusiasts, offering the early Sixties genuinely sporting performance at a price just about anyone could afford. With plenty of punch available from the 95 bhp 1.8-litre engine and safe, predictable handling thanks to well-sorted suspension, the MGB also had monocoque construction for added stiffness. Lockheed disc brakes up front made for safe braking and BMC ensured the cars built to a high standard to safeguard crucial export markets like America. The MGB was an unqualified success, with over half a million sold over an eighteen year production run, and today there are numerous clubs and specialists around the world to provide invaluable support for the owner. The early 'Bs, such as the example found here, are keenly sought after for their purity of style and Sixties detailing.

General Information

- MBG MKI, 1964 (early) rare early 'pull out door handle' model (highly sought after in the UK at present and worth $1000's more than later push button models). Less than 100 on the UK register.

- This vehicle is rare being No. 984 off the line in Sydney, making it a fast appreciating asset.

- Australian delivered. Mark I models are more solid and desirable (rarer) than later MK II models. This vehicle is very rare as it is an early Mark I Model.

- Ground up restoration (every nut and bolt) and base metal respray completed in 2004 (photos). Restored by Ian Wilder, owner of the MG Build Centre in Victoria. Potential buyers can contact Ian to discuss vehicle restoration, features, etc on: (H): (03) 5595 2329, or Mobile 0417 774 432 or Email: mgbuildcentre@mydesk.net.au
Note: Vehicle was built originally for restorers use and not for sale. Has been specialising in MKI/MKII MG restorations for past 30 years.

- Paint: PPG "Buttermilk" (have paint codes).

- No expense spared. 7000 miles since restoration. Very nice appreciating asset. Award winning show stopper. Receipts/photos for all work done.

Specific Information & Features

- Minilite wheels (including spare with Hancook tyres (175 x 14") - wider than the standard 155's).

- Telescopic shock absorbers on rear.

- Extractors and upgraded German twin exhaust system ("ANSA").

- Electronic ignition (Standard MBG distributor).

- 9V alarm system (removable).

- 3 main bearing GA engine. Rebored with new pistons, bearings, rings, camp shaft, rocket shaft, valves, timing chain, etc.

- Converted to unleaded petrol (98 octane rating). Has a 12 gallon (53 lt) tank.

- New radiator and factory heater.

- Cold thermostat.

- Reversing lights.

- John Needam gearbox (4 speed syncro) - ie., MkII gearbox casing with 'red gears' (designed for MGO). This gives a closer ratio gearbox including syncro in first gear and givers overdrive in top gear so that you don't need an overdrive 5th gear (ie., gives overdrive without all problems of an overdrive gearbox). Also doesn't rev its head off in first gear. Designed for touring.

- All panels have clear plastic stuck to them and door lined with sound deadening material. Back panels, doors, and under floor mats also lined. As a result vehicle rides more quietly and doors shut with determination.

- Vehicle has been waxed and oiled underneath (top of the range British product) which is guaranteed for life.

- Trim: Blackman & Sons. Tan with dark brown piping. Seats have been made with extra padding for greater comfort, particularly over long distances/touring. The boot has been lined in black carpet.

- Steering wheel: wood rim and aluminum spokes by 'Motorlitre'.

- Interior Jaguar puddle lights (worked off door switches).

- Battery: 12V 'Century' D.I.N : 3L. (Vehicle has been negatively earthed).

- Electronic fuel pump

- New springs, diffs, brakes, and wheels.

- Twin SU Carbies HS4's (new/rebuilt).

- Stereo/cassette deck and twin speakers in the rear.

- Clock (original MBG clock).

- Chrome luggage rack.

- New never used custom HP Weathershield cover (top of the range imported from USA through Covercraft).

- Original vehicle manual included.

- Custom made new tool and bow bags to orginal design/pattern.

- Parcel shelf under glove box.

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