2007 Shannons Melbourne Spring Classic Auction

1936 Vellocette KTS 350cc Solo Motorcycle





Engine Single-cylinder, 348cc
Gearbox 4-speed manual
Colour Black
Trim Black


This lot is no longer available

One of the outstanding pre-war British motorcycles, the Model K and its many derivatives helped establish Velocette's reputation as being amongst the top motorcycle manufacturers in the country, following its introduction at the Olympia Show in 1924. With an overhead-camshaft design, the single-cylinder four-stroke 350cc motor was mounted in a diamond-type frame and, with some development, became successful not only as a touring bike but excelled on the racetrack as well. After scoring a win at the Tourist Trophy, race replicas were made available to the public - these were known as the KTT - confirming the old adage of racing improving the breed. With a myriad of frame, engine and specifications available, the Velocette model hierachy of the early 1930s was certainly nothing if not complex, but the Model K range was simplified in 1931 to the KSS (Super Sports), KTS (a touring version of the same) and KTP models. The following year saw the introduction of a four-speed gearbox across the range and, for 1935, the Mark II versions were announced. With a revised motor now comprising enclosed valve gear and an alloy cylinder head, the KTS was basically an MSS frame with the KSS engine, using full mudguards and 19-inch wheels. Out of Velocette's total production figure of 3,840 motorcycles in 1936, just 746 were KSS/KTS models - in fact, very few of the latter were made. The KSS/KTS models remained in limited production until the outbreak of war, with a small number assembled once peace returned in the late 1940s.