2006 Melbourne Winter Auction Monday June 5

1965 Willys Jeep Utility




Engine In-line six-cylinder, 4100cc
Gearbox 3-speed manual
Body Work Utility
Colour Red
Interior Black
Trim Vinyl
Wheels Steel Disc
Brakes 3-speed manual


This lot is no longer available

Regarded by many as one of the keys to the Allied success in World War II, the Jeep is perhaps the most rugged, reliable and capable off-road machine ever conceived. Designed by Bantam, built by Willys (and then Ford when production had to be increased) and in service with armed forces the world over, the Jeep was powered by a 2.2-litre sidevalve "Go-Devil" engine driving through a three-speed gearbox, with live axles at both ends. Having become famous for building the Jeep during the WWII, Willys-Overland developed a civilian version (the CJ launched in July 1945) that underwent constant development through the 1950s and into the 1960s. Major changes included the switch to an F-head engine in 1954 and a major restyle to modernize the Jeep in 1963, the same year the company was renamed Kaiser-Jeep Corp. The Jeep retained its place as the pre-eminent four-wheel drive vehicle in America for many years and an expanded range of pickups and station wagons made the Jeep ever more versatile, the 1/4-tonne CJ being joined by 1/2-tonne and 3/4-tonne pickup utility models like the example found here.