Turn Back the Clock to 1973

03 October 2012
Turn Back the Clock to 1973

What first started as a coffee shop conversation between Unique Cars Editor Nathan Ponchard, legendary automotive journalist Joe Kenwright and Shannons Marketing Manager, Mark Behr, turned into an idea for the Australian Muscle Car comparison that never was. What if you could turn the clock back to 1973 and secure a Falcon XA GT Hardtop, Charger E55, Monaro 350 and the never officially released Leyland Force 7V? The result would be a comparison that was never completed at the time - due to the fact that the production of the Leyland Force 7V was cancelled after only a few prototype vehicles were built.

Only 10 exist worldwide today - after a prototype Auction was held, enabling a lucky few collectors to secure what must be one of the rarest cars in the world.

See the full story in the November issue of Unique Cars magazine. (ON SALE 3rd October) or watch an exlcusive video of the 1973 Australian Muscle Car comparison.