1973 Holden Kingswodd

1973 Holden Kingswodd

Vehicle Specs

  • Engine:LS1 5.7
  • Transmission:4L60E
  • Body Style:Sedan
  • Trim:Saddle
  • Colour:Brown


I bought the car unregistered with no paint on the roof, rear quarter damaged and not running the best.

It was a 2 owner car with a recently rebuild 253 with trimatic and banjo diff. Blew 2 diffs and put a sailsbury in it.


Bit the bullet a put a LS1 (5.7l) with the 4 speed auto. It has extractors with a tune in the ecu.

The diff is now a rebuilt hilux diff, 31 spline with el rear discs and r31 skyline calipers.

The car has been great since the conversion. I drive it most weekend I get the chance and take it to events like summernats and powercruise.