1964 Fiat Abarth OT 1600

1964 Fiat Abarth OT 1600

Vehicle Specs

  • Engine:Twin-cam Fiat 1600
  • Transmission:Renault 16 4-speed
  • Body Style:Sedan
  • Trim:Limited
  • Colour:Canary Yellow/Red


When I saw the Fiat Abarth OT 1600 I was astonished: it had started out as an ordinary Fiat 850 Sedan and been given a 1600 twin-cam. This trebled the horsepower and gave it a 220 km/h top speed. And it looked the part, with massive flares, fat tyres and a generally brutal appearance.
Unfortunately only half a dozen or so were ever built, so when I crashed my Fiat 600 my mate Tony Gray and I decided to build an OT 1600 to replace it.


Fiat twin-cam with twin 40 IDFs, lightened and polished rods, fully balanced. Ported big-valve head. Renault box, Alfa drive shafts and CV joints. Adjustable rear camber. Steering box replaced with rack and pinion. 4-wheel discs. Original front suspension but lowered, and modified to accept Fiat 132 front uprights with ball joints and rose joints for camber adjustment. AVO coilover shocks at rear, Gabriel mini shocks at front. Jaz polythene fuel tank with foam inner.


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